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Monthly Specials

Treating our clients on the regular.

Classic Lip Filler

Enhance your natural beauty with our Classic Lip Filler service – perfecting your pout, one injection at a time.
Mini Lip Plump


(Orig. $450)
Volume Lip Plump

NuYou Undereye Treatment

Not Filler. Banish dark circles and rejuvenate tired eyes with our specialized Undereye Treatment, leaving you looking refreshed and radiant.


(orig. $1800)
Volume Lip Plump

NuYou Facial Balancing w/Radiesse

Rediscover facial harmony and youthful contours with our Facial Balancing treatment featuring Radiesse – sculpting beauty from within.


(Orig. $2600)

Laser Hair Reduction

Experience the freedom of silky-smooth skin with our laser hair reduction treatments – embrace a life without the hassle of constant shaving or waxing.
$200 per treatment
$200 per treatment
Chin + Upper Lip

Weight Loss Programs

Choose your path to a healthier you with our customizable Weight Loss Program options – because one size doesn't fit all on the journey to wellness.
30 day supply: $150
Refill: $75
First month supply: $350 (Orig. $400)
Prepay for 3 months: $1000
Vitamin Shots
Super Lipo B12 Fat Burner Injection:
$30/Vial $350
15 injections/15 weeks

NuYou Laser Duo Package

Experience the ultimate skin transformation with our Laser Duo Package – combining cutting-edge technologies for flawless results from head to toe.


(Orig. $3500)

B12 Fat Burner Shots

Energize your weight loss journey with our B12 Fat Burner Shots – a quick and effective boost to enhance your metabolism and vitality.

$140 (for 4 shots)

Photo Ready Essentials

Elevate your beauty game and ensure a picture-perfect experience with our range of expert beauty services, because every moment deserves to be captured in stunning perfection.
Teeth Whitening
Eyelash Extensions First Full Classic Set
Halloween Makeup (Get your makeup done for Halloween)
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